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How can I defend against a child custody modification?

The time you spend with your child and the relationship that you’ve built with them can quickly come under attack when your ex files a custody modification request.

The extent of this type of request can be severe. In some cases, a parent seeks to block visitation altogether. But if the other parent is trying to restrict access to your child in any way, ready yourself to defend against the modification request so that you can fight to save your relationship with your child and protect their best interests.

How can you defend against a child custody modification request?

The specific approach you take will depend on the justification supporting the modification request. However, here are some broad strategies that you might be able to utilize in your case:

  • Present evidence that contradicts the assertions made in the modification request.
  • Attack the credibility of the other parent and their witnesses so that their accounts are found to be less reliable.
  • Direct the focus away from your alleged behavior and toward the child’s best interests.
  • Go on the offensive by attacking the other parent’s fitness.
  • Request a guardian ad litem or a custody evaluation that can give the court an unbiased perspective of what’s in the child’s best interests.
  • Use the rules of evidence to block harmful evidence from being admitted against you.

Be thorough when defending against a child custody modification request

If you’re not fully prepared heading into your child custody modification hearing, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to get a bad outcome. To avoid that from happening, diligently gather the evidence you need to aggressively present your case. By doing so, you’ll hopefully acquire an outcome that protects your child’s best interests.