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Caring Counsel For Alaska Divorces

Ending a marriage is never an easy choice. With the team of Baxter Bruce & Sullivan P.C. at your side, we will make things as easy on you as possible by providing effective counsel.

For more than 45 years, our attorneys have helped clients throughout southeast Alaska achieve their goals regarding divorce and domestic relationship dissolution. Our award-winning attorneys handle every complex detail involved in your divorce, including:

  • Asset and debt division
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Child custody
  • Adoption
  • Pet custody
  • Post-decree modification
  • Domestic abuse

We care deeply about you as a person, not just as a client. You will receive prompt communication from us as well as updates about any developments about your family legal matter. Our team is ready to provide the personalized service you deserve for your divorce.

We Care About Your Pets As Much As You Do

Pet custody is a fairly new concept in the realm of family law. In 2017, Alaska became the first state in the U.S. that allows judges to consider the well-being of a couple’s pets when issuing a divorce order. This leaves the possibility for parents to share custody or for the judge to award custody to just one spouse. As a veterinarian, our attorney Dr. Rachel Berngartt understands animal law in Alaska inside and out. We will do everything in our power to zealously advocate for you and your beloved companion.

Also Helping Unmarried Couples In Domestic Partnerships

Because Alaska does not recognize common law marriage, unmarried people do not have the same protected rights as married people when it comes to asset division and other issues. We have worked with many clients to resolve issues such as domestic partnership dissolution and property division for unmarried couples. You can turn to us to understand what your rights are when it comes to handling these issues as they relate to a long-term relationship that did not involve marriage, whether with or without children of the partnership.

Seek Our Counsel For Your Divorce

Our team at Baxter Bruce & Sullivan is ready to help you so you do not have to handle the stressful legal procedures on your own. We can assist you. To schedule your initial consultation with us, please call our Juneau office at 907-789-3166 or send us an email.