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Common landlord-tenant disputes

When a renter moves into an apartment building or other rental property in Alaska, they are generally required to enter into a lease with the landlord of the property. Landlords and tenants can have a very harmonious relationship if both parties act in accordance with their lease.

However, if one party fails to adhere to the terms specified in the lease, the parties may end up in a dispute.

What are some common landlord-tenant disputes?

Many landlord-tenant disputes center around the terms of the lease. Some common disputes stem from the following situations:

  • Tenant fails to pay rent owed or failed to pay rent on time.
  • Landlord fails to perform necessary repairs or fails to properly maintain property, making the property unhabitable for the tenant.
  • Landlord retains security deposit, claiming damages the tenant does not agree with.
  • Tenant damages property beyond normal wear-and-tear and fails to pay for damages.
  • Tenant fails to abide by rules in lease (e.g., keeping an unauthorized pet or performing unauthorized renovations).

Some landlord-tenant disputes may be resolved just by talking things out or by discussing your issues with a third-party mediator. However, some disputes must be handled through the court system with the help of attorneys specializing in these matters.

The key to almost all landlord-tenant cases is determining how the terms of the parties’ lease agreement should be interpreted. A real estate attorney representing your interests will carefully review your lease and help present your case in an effective way to give you the best chance at recovering damages.